Creating distinctive designs


At Homes One Interiors, we believe that your home is your sanctuary, reflecting your identity and lifestyle.




Led by Najwa Mroue, the Homes One Interiors team will assist you from start to finish, whether you have just bought your home or are looking to refurbish an existing one.


Homes One Interiors is a design studio based in London. We offer best-in-class property guidance, interior architecture and interior design services to clients who are used to outperforming the market.

 At Homes One Interiors we have assembled a team of partners over a 15 year period. We identify what needs to be done, co-create the design with our clients, invite contractors to tender, and oversee the entire development process.



We have built our reputation working for international clients, to whom the London property market is unfamiliar territory.


We help them and their families to find and create dream homes in London.

Our clients are looking for a design partner who can manifest their vision on time, and on budget. Many of them live overseas, are predominantly business and business and creatively focused, and looking for support and good service as they establish or develop a home in London. We work for and are referred by a wide range of property professionals in London, and we are known for our international design perspective and a professional yet personal approach to our work.


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Homes One Atelier is an associate member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID).


Homes One Interiors offers best-in-class property guidance, interior architecture and interior design services to clients who are used to outperforming the market.

We are in the know, and as such our clients feel a palpable sense of advantage over other buyers while being extremely well taken care of, and often befriended. Time and again our most common piece of feedback is that the Homes One Interiors service was money well spent. Our fees are a calculated investment for the future, and for the wellbeing of you and your family as you enjoy your new home.



We believe that your living space should fit around you and support your flow, accommodating your daily routine and your rituals.


Our founder Najwa Mroue developed a craving for order and function from a young age.

Najwa had a sense for the psychology of good design, and was always present to how happy that made her feel. Completing her postgraduate degree in sociology and later completing an interior design diploma from KLC School Of Design, Najwa established her own business in 2010.

We see simple functionality and workability as beautiful things. For this reason we seek to understand our clients first and foremost, and see things the way they do. From there our response to each brief is unique and bespoke, and resonant with our client’s vision and values.


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