Homes One Interiors is a design studio based in London.

We offer best-in-class property guidance, interior architecture and interior design services to clients who are used to outperforming the market.

We are in the know, and as such our clients feel a palpable sense of advantage over other buyers while being extremely well taken care of, and often befriended. Time and again our most common piece of feedback is that the Homes One Interiors service was money well spent. Our fees are a calculated investment for the future, and for the wellbeing of you and your family as you enjoy your new home.Our aim is to fulfil our clients’ needs and add value to their investments. 

At Homes One Interiors we have assembled a team of partners over a 15 year period. We identify what needs to be done, co-create the design with our clients, invite contractors to tender, and oversee the entire development process.

We Design, Procure and manage projects from start to finish

Atelier NM is an Associate member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID), a company promoting excellence within the profession.